My Collection


At this current moment, my collection is less than a collection and more of an intention.  Having visited a stamp show recently, I found it all a bit overwhelming.  One dealer’s advice was to start small and stay small, otherwise I would really be overwhelmed.  He suggested one country, but as you’ll read in future blogs (or current ones depending on when you read this) there are reasons for my choices of more than one country.   As I write more posts for the blog, this will become clearer.

I (currently) plan to collect

  • Canadian stamps in good condition
  • Canadian First Day Covers
  • Japanese stamps
  • Vietnamese stamps
  • bicycle themed stamps
  • a few odds and ends that strike my fancy

I already have

  • some Japanese stamps
  • some Vietnamese stamps
  • 125 mint Canadian stamps (a lovely gift)
  • a few FDC’s
  • A lovely two volume Lighthouse Album for my Canadian stamps
  • A brand new FDC book waiting to be filled
  • A curious nature and passion for collecting
  • way too much thinking time on my hands