Growing Interest


I have stumbled upon a number of blogs exclaiming that the quarantine, or physical distancing, or isolation has led to an increase in stamp collecting.  Sounds good to me.

It makes sense.  There isn’t much on TV and even Netflix can become tiring.  It isn’t surprising that people are choosing calm quiet hobbies to divert themselves.  I haven’t had time to look at my stamp collection, but I can relate to how calming it must be.

I have been busy with a long “to do” list every day.  I’ve been working from home and once I cut out the lengthy commuting time, there are so many projects I can get completed.  Adding to that, I have a lot of other competing hobbies.  Ones that I didn’t really have enough time for, I seem to have time for.

I’ve also had time to ride my bike on weekdays.  This is a luxury I have never had before.  For ESL teachers, Spring was a time to work more and earn money for a vacation when the weather is bad.

On a more stamp friendly note, I have purchased a few stamps for my collection online, but they haven’t arrived yet.  Maybe when they do, I will feel the pull of the collection once more.

Have you had more time for your stamp collection?  Do you know someone who had had their interest rekindled?

2 thoughts on “Growing Interest

  1. I must admit I have had much more time for my stamp collection. I think that, step by step, the magic of philately catch me again! Oh, and I really miss my bike rides… Enjoy your new stamps! Catalin

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