Attending An Autumn Stamp Show


I went to the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show yesterday.  I had already gone to the Spring Show and was expecting pretty much the same thing.  This time, however, I had a better idea of what I was looking for.  I could have done more research, but I got busy and put it off.  For my previous experience at this show, please click here.

I had five main goals in attending the show

  1. Fill in the gaps in my Canada collection from the 40’s to the 80’s
  2. Advance my collection of the year 1970
  3. Get two binders and a bunch of vario sheets–they had had such an amazing deal last time and I was hoping it would be repeated.
  4. Don’t start broadening my collection by starting to collect other stuff
  5. Don’t spend too much money.

How did I do?

Number one

This was an area that I spent a bit of time preparing.  I have the Canadian Catalogue so I was able to write down the numbers I needed and make a pretty decent checklist.  I probably should have scouted out the dealers a bit better to see which one had the best deal.  Instead, I picked one that I had good rapport with from the previous show and sat down at his booth.

I picked up a good number of stamps and with a couple of exceptions and things I overlooked, the 50-70s are pretty much done.

Number two

I managed to pick up the Poland stamps I was missing from my 1970 year collection. I had bid on them on eBay, and won. The seller contacted me and told me that the set was incomplete and hoped I would be okay with that.  I wasn’t and asked for a refund.  The seller granted the refund and after reading my explanation of why I didn’t like the deal (not just on the principle of the thing, but on my lack of clarity on how difficult or easy it would be to rectify on my own) he gave me a refund and mailed the stamps to me for free.

I also managed to get the Falkland Islands, Gambia, Ireland, Gibraltar, and all of Fiji except for four stamps (which I have located on eBay).  I also managed to learn that French Antarctica stamps are way too expensive.  There are only four of them, but they won’t be entering my collection in mint state any time soon.

This is an area which I wasn’t prepared for. I should have done my writing of Scott numbers.  I have the online site that has this information, but I found it difficult to wade through it.

Number three

 Sadly, the great deal on binders and vario sheets was nowhere to be found. That dealer didn’t show up to this show.  I was disappointed, but maybe they will be at the Spring show or some other show.  Maybe they will have a good online deal.  I did find someone selling the sheets, but the price was no where close to the other deal.

Number four

 I managed to mostly restrain myself. I did pick up a package of train stamps in a presentation pack.  It was a phenomenal deal …. and I like trains.  There are other stamps in the package, so I don’t know what I will do with them.

I also picked up a 1915 Canadian penny. These are the large cents.  I bought it because it wasn’t expensive, though considerably higher than the one cent price tag it had originally, and because I think they look good and I have always wanted to have one of the pennies.


Number five

Well, this was never going to go according to plan. I spent modestly on the stamps, (except for the Falkland Islands and a couple of stamps in the Ireland collection), but I came across a set of 2015 Scott Catalogues. I was hoping that I could get them from my library when they were going to discard them, but I couldn’t count on that happening.  I was offered a very reasonable deal.  While they won’t help with the 2018 or 2019 values, they will help me do research for the 1970 project.  It will also give me a lot to look at.


I enjoyed the show and enjoyed talking to people at the show. I wish I had gotten there a bit earlier, or maybe paid the admission fee for Saturday.  The previous show had displays by the North Toronto Stamp Club that were interesting.  I wish they had had some of those this time.  However, the stamp club is having its open house in two weeks, so I can see that as some kind of conflict.

I have got to prepare more and I have to be better informed. Next time.

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