Cool Stamps


When I started this stamp odyssey, I told myself that I wasn’t going to get sucked in.  I was just going to collect Canadian stamps up to a year that wasn’t ridiculous.  I wasn’t going to collect all over the world and I wasn’t going to collect a million different themes.  Maybe bicycles.  That was supposed to be it.

The thing is, there are just so many cool stamps out there.  The one above caught my eye in a Stamp magazine.  There is just something so cool about it.  Maybe it’s because I remember the era of the test pattern.  Maybe it is because it represents a specific nostalgia from my childhood.

As for keeping to prescribed limits.  Well, every time I see a bicycle stamp, I want it.  Every time I see stamps that depict toys and games…well, I want them.  Every time I see a cool image, I want it.

I have started my 1970’s collection and I have already got more than ten countries done and quite a few more stamps on my eBay watchlist.  Sadly, I missed a good deal that ended today because I didn’t realize it was an auction–which nobody bid on.  Oh well.

Below is another example of stamps I find cool and would love to own.

Image result for toys on stamps

3 thoughts on “Cool Stamps

  1. I think you are sucked in – I too am trying to tell myself to keep things manageable but I am not sure how long the will power will last. I collected stamps 20 years ago but now recently retired and found an old accumulation then someone gave me a pile of stamps and sorting through those has me looking at all sorts of countries. Its fun


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