Stamp Reaction


There is something I wasn’t exactly prepared for with this hobby. I didn’t think I would have such an immediate reaction to a stamp.  I like them, and enjoying looking at them, but I was unprepared with how I would feel about some of them.

The above stamp in particular. I bought it through an approval on the stamp forum I belong to.  I saw it on the computer screen, checked to see that I didn’t have it, and purchased it.  When it arrived and I got a look at the genuine article, I was surprised at how I suddenly felt about it.

It is definitely a cool stamp, with its Johnny Cash all in black style. The topic is also near and dear to me–even as an amateur writer, I feel very nervous about attempts to curtain my freedom of expression.  I also appreciate that it is a bilingual stamp in what should be a bilingual country.  However, since I am not really a very visual person, I didn’t think I would feel exactly what I feel.

Now, I know, I haven’t described what I felt (and still feel) about the stamp. That’s because I am having difficulty describing it. I know it is a strong feeling, but I can’t describe it as love, or connectedness, or any other cliché greeting card idea.

Maybe it is similar to how people respond to art in an art gallery. I have heard people say that when they saw a painting, they just couldn’t turn away.  Maybe.

I just thought I would share this one with the greater blogosphere and hopefully someone will write and tell me they feel the same way about something like that. It would be great if it were about stamps, but it could be about anything.


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